Word from the CEO

Welcome to the Softlinkenya official website. Find time to visit us and interract with us online or at our offices. We are a leading ICT firm in the region and are looking forward to expanding beyond our regional borders.

We have a higher affinity for innovation and provision of evolutionary solutions to our clients. I welcome all prospective partners, clients and employees to contact my officers and schedule a meeting. We believe in the sharing of ideas and interraction in the fields so as to fine tune service provision and solution creation and delivery.


Web-based resources

We design, develop & maintain web resources such as co-oporate websites, personal websites, social media, blogs e.t.c.

Data management

Softlinkenya is well known for reliable & convenient Data management. It has an established department dedicated to data backup and Team, and dedicated server allocation for client Data management and/or handling.


With an increasing consultancy client base, we have started a dedicated ICT Consultancy department, focusing on design, development and maintenance of online resources.


With an increasing embrace of ICT in Kenyan offices & among our youth, we saw the need to run short ICT classes for

About Us

Softlinkenya is a duly registered ICT firm based in Nairobi. We operate across the country with clients ranging from individuals to NGOs & Governments.We are growing daily, with plans to expand our base beyond our international borders.

Our experience tells about quality

With a strong skill base, we have grown to appreciate specific ICT needs for our region and by extension Africa. We embrace innovation and offer solutions to specific and general problems using the latest technology in the international market and with the highest degree in quality. We also value partnerships and are keen to partner with individuals, firms and governments to achieve a common goal.

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A note to prospective partners.
Softlinkenya has an established partnership structure and is keen to partner with individuals and/or institutions willing to do business with an innovation based and a well established ICT firm of our standards.

wHY Softlinkenya?

We are the best ICT establishment in the region because of the following reasons and many more:

  • We give the Best Quality in Service Delivery
  • We are Readily Available Across the Region
  • We Use the Lastest Technology in the International Market
  • We Dynamically Embrace Innovation in ICT
  • We understand theAfrican ICT infrastructure, thus are best suited to serve the market

Join softlinkenya

Are you innovative and atleast one of the following? Please contact us to set an interview date.

  • Telecomms technician
  • Designer
  • Programmer
  • Engineer


Our able team is headed by the following well qualified persons of good standing in international technical spheres.

Dr. Ken Nyaundi

Managing Director

gEng. Bundi Kotonya

Chief Technical Officer

Debbie Bosibori

BDM Manager

Ezra Okemwa

Chief Operations Officer

Contact Us

For any feedback and/or questions, feel free to contact us through the lines below. We value communication.